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Public, Private and hybrid cloud, PAAS migration and DOCKER migration

According to your current system situation and the actual development phase, we can help you migrate the system to different platforms. Our migration services is based on image, including an automated one-click migration, shared resource services of public cloud migration, proprietary private cloud migration, resources automated hybrid cloud migration, PaaS migration, and portable Docker migration.

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OS, Database, HADOOP, Object Storage, SPARK, High Availability, Disaster Recovery Deployment

We build overall cloud platform according to the requirements of enterprises. We aim to design cloud architecture in view of the applications, install and deploy application components and construct clusters, realize high availability and elasticity, optimize application efficiency, and complete data migration and deployment. Operating system deployment includes Windows and Linux; database deployment includes Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL and other professional databases deployment on various clouds; Hadoop deployment includes Apache Hadoop and cluster deployment and development of related systems.

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Information Desk, Technical Support, Expert Team, Development Team, Professional DevOps Tools, Scale of DevOps

Our professional DevOps team provide you with 24*7 monitoring and response, handle all situations in a timely manner, we achieve DevOps automation more efficiently. Our DevOps team utilize YunBoard and other professional work form systems to carry out 24*7 monitoring and problem tracking, and the technical support team ensures quick response, timely positioning and troubleshooting. Our senior expert team, outstanding development team, professional DevOps tools, as well as the abundant scale of DevOps, can keep you from any worries.

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Cloud Management, Architecture Design, Big Data, Cloud Related Development, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence

We provide professional and systematic Consultation Services for you. With over 10 years of working experience, our engineers will provide personalized cloud consulting to solve your cloud related problems. We utilize eCloud by China Telecom, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud and other public cloud platforms, we also adopt private cloud platforms such as VMWare, HyperV, OpenStack, AzureStack to offer migration architecture, deployment optimization, DevOps, technical support and a series of consulting services.

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Cloud Solutions - Customized professional solutions

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